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Leong Chi Kin, Wheelock : Property Twist Point at Second Half Year

(2019-02-15 credited by Sing Tao)

(Sing Tao news) Despite the Property market flooded negative factors recently, Leong Chi Kin , CEO of Wheelock, considered as overall market was influenced by uncertain factors of China & US Trade War, the environment was not generally desired as before, it tendee to be twisted this circumstance in the second half year, that would be clearer to the trend of After Market, hence it’s a good prospect in the Property Market, again about 5% rise was considered as healthy to the Property price. And the group would be scheduled to launch 3 all new projects, surplus other rest supply, it would be counted 2,500 units, including new launch of MONTARA Phase 7 launched in mid of this year.

Leong Chi Kin stated, truthly property market was shrounded by external factors of China & US Trade War, the environment was not expected, it’s forecasted problems not solving all in this short period of time, if it could find a solution that would be definitely helped to both countries’ economy, as described as “the sooner or later solution is found, the big situation would be firmed”, therefore, trade war was estimated to be clear before June.

He also stated, this year was a full of challenging to the development Hong Kong’s economy and property, generally saying the first half year was not be “seen through too clearly”, but believed China & US Trade War to be solved in the second half year, and EURO economy was steadily moved, believed local property market was seen twisting, as far as clear phenomenon, we would see the aftermarket move clearer and clearer. In regards of up or down of property, Leong Chi Kin said there had had certain % of inflation, hence around 5% inflation of every year of property was considered healthy.

Leong Chi Kin stated, Hong Kong is treated as a tiny of area, population is relatively less, yet had the advantage of relying on our motherland, China, and Hong Kong is a free trading port, many difficulties could be easily solved, granted as one of the advantages to Hong Kong while comparing to other cities.

Mr. Leong stated, Hong Kong can be strengthen on collaboration of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, caused to the capital and human traffic could be exchanged in both areas. He also explained, part of China provinces still need to rely on Hong Kong and Macau in terms of economy, generally it’s good for Hong Kong while mainland keeps development extension.

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