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Expert predicts market outlook

(2019-05-11 credited by HKET)

Hong Kong Property Market is facing off a situation of “It never rains but it pours”, price is keeping high, plus the periphery of erratic fluctuation, how’s the impact to the prospect of Hong Kong Property Market?

Lao Yuan Yuan, MReferral: Less Supply while Strong Demand Support Property Price

Lao Yuan Yuan, Chief VP of MReferral considered, the Trade War still had uncertainty factors, it might influence to market confident, stock market had shown waves, if had any wave from Hong Kong stock market was impacted to the Property Market, probably caused to citizens kind of hidden worry, it’s not big impact to the Mortgagor owners, as considered to remain same level as US Interest Rate, even it might be slightly low down, hence local interest rate kept as low level. On the other hand, Hong Kong capital was sufficient enough, it was not seen any interest pressure, there was no worry about interest high at this moment.

Lao Yuan Yuan pointed out, the home users were main lead in the Property Market, it’s not mainly from investors, it’s low house supply figures shown in the upcoming stages, again it would not caused to a big drop to the Property. With the condition of not enough supply, relatively China and US Trade War would not impact to Property Market.

Yip Jing Qiang: economic property progressively less home buyers could get on the bus
Yip Jing Qiang , Senior Investor, considered, U.S. raised Chinese taxation obviously, already expected parts of buyers would keep observatory attitude, property owners were not willing to reduce price, caused to a short supply of the first and second market. For those property supply of $6 million or below was gradually less, he considered the property demanded persons could get on the bus, it’s expected to reduce rate in near future, yet Hong Kong still had short supply of public housing, it’s hard to drop price, when citizens could afford their first down payment while retaining low interest environment, it’s time to consider property ownership not for house rental.

Recently banks had taken estimation aggressively, he pointed if banks had sufficient capital, there’s positive impact to the Property market, which directly assisted to the citizens to be house owners, bankers had optimistic attitude. In regards of after market, he also pointed even though China & U.S. Trade War had still reiteration, however it’s factors of interest rate, economy and residential supply remained unchanged, the property market would not be a very big wave. He considered the Property would be exceeded a certain point in the coming first two months, as well as expected its property price would be sustainable grown, approximately 10% to 15% increase.

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